I’m going to look at socialism from a little different perspective than you get from most views on it. And what is that perspective? It can be described simply as “When The State Is Her Husband”. But first I’d like you to watch a movie. The movie is a version of a play that is over 400 years old. After you have watched it I will have a few comments. It is two hours of your time well spent. Elisabeth Taylor and Richard Burton in The Taming Of The Shrew.

OK. Back with me? Marriage is an economic cooperation that insures the continuity of the human race when agriculture replaces the hunter gatherer form of economy. Women become property of their husband to reduce the incidence of female hypergamy. Or in the crude terms more frequently seen around “Alpha Fucks, Beta Bucks”. Or why women go for bad boys.

For a long time the problem of female hypergamy was acute for the upper classes. Upper class women had their daddys to fall back on. And now women of all classes (especially those who can’t extract large sums of money and the slavery of a man in “no fault” divorce) have Uncle Sugar to fall back on.

But men are not real happy about this state of affairs. And so we see the Grass Eaters of Japan and the Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) “movements” in the west. It is also commonly referred to as the marriage strike. Or the decline of marriage.

Marriage is no longer a good deal for men. So they are dropping out. Not even Timothy Leary could accomplish in a significant and lasting way what feminism has accomplished around the world.

What would I do about all that? Just one thing. End no fault divorce. Because women looking for that bad boy or wanting to trade up initiate 70% of divorces and there is some evidence that they get men to initiate the divorce in another 20% of the cases. Hypergamy in action.

Well OK. Things are bad. But not much worse than they were for the upper classes 400 years ago. So what does The Taming Of The Shrew teach us about all that? Women want to be dominated by a man. Not in some evil way. But they want strong men. Or the appearance of strength at least. And so there has grown up on the net a community that teaches that. It is variously called PUAs (Pick Up Artists) or Game. It is all explained in the movie made from a play over 400 years old.

Which leads me to an interesting story. I was taught “Game” back in 1962 by my very first girlfriend. I was 18 and she was an ancient 22. Her hobby was first timers. Virgins. Lucky me. I had all the usual “beta” stuff you saw in the movies. Bring her flowers. Give her gifts. Grovel before her. She wasn’t having any of that. She wanted to be dominated and showed me how to do it. Basically it is the technique explained in Richard Feynman’s “Surely You Are Joking Mr. Feynman”. More or less a man takes the attitude that he is God’s gift to women and she is lucky to have him. There is much more to it than that. It requires continuous study and you have to adapt your “game” to each particular woman. But that is the essence of it. Joan broke my heart by falling for another guy. But she did leave me with some very valuable lessons. Thank you Joan.

I think my knowledge of “game” is in part what has kept me and the first mate together for 39 years so far. She has never lost interest in me. But I will admit – it is a full time job. As the movie shows – not every man or even most men are up for it. The current situation I think will change that. And the culture will revert to a more male centric idea of marriage when Uncle Sugar goes broke. Socialism and the waves of feminism that supported it have nearly destroyed us. Thank the Maker for the ‘net.

And here let me add this disclaimer. I do not favor going back to a system like Islam where women are the property of men. I do favor an end to no fault divorce. And DNA tests for paternity in child support cases. No man should be required to support another man’s children. Learn how the world really works and choose wisely.

All this was prompted by a discussion I was having at I’m A Fan Of Traditional Marriage.

For further reading may I suggest The Misandry Bubble and also A Poll On The Misandry Bubble.

The Misandry Bubble opens with:

Why does it seem that American society is in decline, that fairness and decorum are receding, that socialism and tyranny are becoming malignant despite the majority of the public being averse to such philosophies, yet the true root cause seems elusive? What if everything from unsustainable health care and social security costs, to stagnant wages and rising crime, to crumbling infrastructure and metastasizing socialism, to the economic decline of major US cities like Detroit, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and Baltimore, could all be traced to a common origin that is extremely pervasive yet is all but absent from the national dialog, indeed from the dialog of the entire Western world?

Definitely a good read.

Update 1337z 27 November 2013

This short obituary of second wave “feminist” Shulamith Firestone pretty much explains how we got where we are today. Basically she advocates for the suicide of civilization. Unfortunately she has died before her ugly dream came true. We, however, are going to have to live through the consequences of her dreams.