Reading this article, it’s quite obvious that the dominant philosophy in the War on Drugs is that it’s better to prevent people who need pain relief from getting it than to allow the possibility that it might get to people who really don’t need it to have it.

Lugano, Switzerland –- A ground-breaking international collaborative survey, published today in Annals of Oncology, shows that more than half of the world’s population live in countries where regulations that aim to stem drug misuse leave cancer patients without access to opioid medicines for managing cancer pain.

The results from the Global Opioid Policy Initiative (GOPI) project show that more than 4 billion people live in countries where regulations leave cancer patients suffering excruciating pain. National governments must take urgent action to improve access to these medicines, says the European Society for Medical Oncology, leader of a group of 22 partners that have launched the first global survey to evaluate the availability and accessibility of opioids for cancer pain management.

I would expect the international drug police or the DEA to do everything in their power to block needed reforms. They don’t think certain countries can be trusted with pain meds, and drug policies are dictated by the philosophy that it’s better to have some people inconvenienced by intractable pain than the alternative.