I try to keep myself informed about current events, but it never ceases to amaze me how much I miss. I was taken aback recently to learn that a very important mover and shaper of public opinion — one Mark Halperin, editor at large for Time Magazine — has discovered the real culprit behind the Obamacare mess.

Think it’s Obama?




The real culprit is Mitt Romney. See, in Halperin’s mind, the reason Obamacare was not properly scrutinized by the fearless fact checkers in the MSM was that Romney didn’t make enough noise.

No seriously:

Mark Halperin, editor-at-large for Time Magazine has announced the “real” culprit responsible for the the media’s failure to scrutinize ObamaCare since it was voted into law. Mitt Romney. Yes, Mitt Romney.

During an appearance on The O’Reilly Factory, Halperin was pressed by guest host Laura Ingraham to explain why the media failed to do its job on ObamaCare for more than three years.

To Halperin’s credit, he agreed with Ingraham, but astonishingly blamed Romney and the Republicans for the failure.

Huh? Say what you will about Romney, but I remember the campaign quite well, and slamming Obamacare while warning about what would happen — and promising to block its implementation on Day One if elected — was front and center in his message, and why he did so well in the first debate.

But even if he had been a total nincompoop, since when does the MSM rely on Republican candidates to do their scrutinizing for them? I mean, what was Romney supposed to do to stop Obamacare? Win the election? What? With all that help he’d have gotten from the MSM had he only screamed louder about Obamacare?