Just got back from hearing Beethoven’s 33 Variations on a Waltz by Anton Diabelli performed by Andras Schiff. It is a marvelously obsessive piece, which takes a fairly simple theme and expands, contracts, and spins it into something which seems to straddle the fence between music and what I suspect might have been Beethoven reflecting on his view of infinity.  What makes it brilliant music is that you can hear his mind talking (if that makes any sense).

Earlier I found three variations on a poignant (and IMO beautiful) theme from 1966. Nowhere nearly as varied as Beethoven’s, but they’re simply three groups’ versions of the same song — You Baby –by P.F. Sloan.

The Turtles did it first. I like the live version because of the fish in the aquarium in the foreground (and the female mannequins holding spear guns in the background):


Here’s the Mamas and the Papas version:


And finally, the Grass Roots version:


I remember the song so well that it makes me feel old.

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