Quick question.

Can anyone tell me what in the world (or out of the world) this contraption is?

It measures about 16″ and is labeled “Brookstone” on the back. When you plug it in, those four black things (cushions inserted into plastic collars) rotate at different times and at different rates. Above each rotating object, there are three switches: one a four-position electronic pad, one a three-position switch, and another which is simply an on-off switch. They seem to affect the rate frequency and direction of rotation of the four rotating things.

I think it’s some sort of 1980s gadget, but I cannot figure out what.

And here’s a closeup of one of the rotating soft things.

It makes no noise that I can hear, has no input or output jacks of any kind.

I’m stumped. It strikes me as crazy that a major company like Blackstone (a Sharper Image brand) would build and sell a completely useless machine, but in light of some of the things I have seen, I guess such things might be possible.

UPDATE: Damned if I didn’t find it for sale on ebay. Isn’t everything?

The item is called a Brookstone Quad Four Wrist Watch Winder. (Price is $179; mine cost $5.00.)

Anyway, I put four watches on it and they all rotate! (Beautifully, I guess.)

What sort of nut would actually want this?