Commenting on the sickening reports that the Kenyan mall hostages were cruelly tortured, Glenn Reynolds made a simple observation:

if this kind of thing keeps happening, people are going to start thinking less of Islam.

I can easily imagine that Glenn will be attacked for saying that by Media Matters and the various leftists who apologize for savages who hate civilization. Correct me if I am wrong! Seriously, I hope they don’t apologize for savages who hate civilization, but it often seems to me that they do.

Anyway, much as I never wanted to hear about — much less read about — the fringe group behind these atrocities, reading the reports made me feel obligated to catch up on the responsible Al Qaeda offshoot Al-Shabaab. (Not “terrorist” but “militant,” if that’s somehow reassuring.)

Incredibly, there are Americans involved. As perps. I read earlier that five of the terrorist-torturers were Americans from Minnesota, and just from perusing the Wiki page on Al-Shabaab I see two of my fellow citizens who were drawn to this bloodthirsty outfit: Daniel Maldonado and Omar Shafik Hammami (aka Abu Mansoor Al-Amriki).

Like most Americans, I like to hope that these people do not represent Islam, but I can understand why some people might. They seem to talk the talk, and they seem to walk the walk.

Are they real Muslims? Are they real Americans?

Can anyone tell me what real is?