“We should be guilty of something other than making deposits in the bank.”

I realize that Obamacare starts tomorrow, but I often wonder whether we still live in the United States, once the land of opportunity. I read in the Destroit Free Press the other day that the federal government literally stole $35,000 from a small businessman under “asset forfeiture” laws, claiming his regular bank deposits were “suspicious.” […]

Are they real Muslims? Are they real Americans?

Commenting on the sickening reports that the Kenyan mall hostages were cruelly tortured, Glenn Reynolds made a simple observation: if this kind of thing keeps happening, people are going to start thinking less of Islam. I can easily imagine that Glenn will be attacked for saying that by Media Matters and the various leftists who […]

Crazy people are only dangerous when guns are easily available!

As we know, Aaron Alexis had a gun and was crazy. This crazy man didn’t have a gun. Instead, he pushed a woman in front of a train. As CBS 2’s John Slattery reported, it was the last thing the young woman must have expected – being pushed by a man routinely hanging around the […]

F*ck Drudge and his yellow trash

I’ve had it with Drudge and his shameless habit of linking Alex Jones’s Infowars site. His latest link is to a “story” which argues that the Navy SEALS did not kill Osama bin Laden. Obviously, Drudge and his ilk are hoping that many conservatives will be willing to go along with this conspiracy theory simply […]

Tell me this isn’t the United States. Please!

This takes the food war insanity to an all new level. Health department raids community picnic and destroys all food with bleach The evening was everything I had dreamed and hoped it would be. The weather was perfect, the farm was filled with friends and guests roaming around talking about organic, sustainable farming practices. Our […]

Who are the real criminals?

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve complained about artificially high prices subsidizing crime in the context of the war on drugs. Well, now the same thing seems to be happening with the war on cigarettes. This morning I read about how ridiculously high cigarette taxes are turning cigarettes into  ‘Gold Bars’ For […]

Those who prefer narratives to the truth lead happier lives

While most people know that Ernest Hemingway loved bullfights and supported Castro and the Cuban Revolution, earlier I stumbled onto an interesting biographical detail that has heretofore been kept quiet. Hemingway used to watch murders: Fontova writes about influential Cuban agents in the United States and how the mainstream media continues to suck up to the […]

Santa versus Darth?

The reason that Republicans cannot win Latinos – or other minorities for that matter – is because Republicans counter liberal ‘Santa’ version of big government with what I call the ‘Darth-Vader’ idea of big government. So says Shikha Dalmia, senior analyst at the Reason Foundation, during  FreedomFest 2013 in Las Vegas. While her discussion focused mainly […]

Must they make me feel the pain I’d rather not hear?

Most people would agree that this sucks: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1BPNX9fFWRc Most, that is. But by no means all. A couple of my neighbors have these things — high tech subsonic subwoofers or whatever they’re properly called — inside their houses. When they activate them, it causes my house to shake and the air is permeated with what […]

“stronger gun-control laws, right now, if not yesterday”

Every day I see one call or another for gun control, but this one is unusual. Bill Quick commented over at Ace about the Kenya carnage (in which Muslim gunmen massacred dozens of Christians at a shopping center): We’ve simply got to have stronger gun-control laws, right now, if not yesterday – it’s the only […]

Rapist as victim, or victim as rapist?

What is rape? That may sound like a stupid question, and I used to think I knew what it was, but reading a story as twisted as this has left me feeling very confused: GRAND RAPIDS, MI — The attorney for former Central Catholic High School tutor Abigail Simon is looking to turn the tables on […]

“If you’re an elitist Biden, I guess you think you’re owed the world.”

I guess so. Joe Biden’s art-dealer niece went on a violent rampage at her luxury Tribeca apartment Tuesday — throwing punches at police officers and flailing “frantically” as cops wrestled her into handcuffs, sources said. Caroline Biden, 26, went wild at about 9:15 a.m., “screaming at the top of her lungs” after her roommate confronted […]

Is there an app for this?

Brewing your own beer can be a pain in the ass. You have to buy all kinds of expensive stuff, then you have to become proficient at fine-tuning the mashing of grains, the selection and nourishing of the proper yeasts, boiling and hopping according to elaborate and almost sadistic schedules, washing bottles (if you haven’t […]

The Markets Are Speaking

Listen to the markets.

Donation request

Bill Quick is running his first blegathon in two years. I just donated and you can too. Bear in mind that in over ten years of writing this blog, I have never asked for money. If that gives me any moral authority, then I hereby order you to donate to Daily Pundit! If not, then I […]

Some people have credentials, and others don’t

More here about shooter Aaron Alexis: He sought treatment with the Veterans Administration for paranoia and hearing voices in two states. Considering what I have heard about the VA, that may have been his biggest mistake. In August, Newport, R.I., police were called to a Marriott Hotel room where Alexis said he was being followed […]

How to fix a bankrupt city?

As everyone knows, Detroit is bankrupt. In the normal course of things, bankruptcy means setting priorities. That is also common sense; when there isn’t enough money to go around, things like basic city services ought to take priority over — over what? Well basic city services ought to at least take priority over crackdowns on […]

Who and why? (Google investigation turns up dead links.)

Who is Aaron Alexis and why did he murder at least 12 people in a secure military installation at the Washington DC Navy Yard? No one seems to know a damned thing. Endlessly curious type that I am, I Googled Aaron Alexis of Fort Worth Texas, and I found a dead Facebook page, and this mugshot. (Arrest […]

“Are you sexually active? If so, with one partner, multiple partners or same-sex partners?”

Yes, the government is forcing doctors to ask every patient the above, or else face penalties from Medicare and Medicaid. Be ready to answer those questions and more the next time you go to the doctor, whether it’s the dermatologist or the cardiologist and no matter if the questions are unrelated to why you’re seeking […]

Dirtiness is next to Godliness

Did you ever wonder why everything is dirtier? Wonder no more! I’m old enough to have a vague memory of clothes so white that they were called bright. This happened despite the absence of additives — the ridiculous varieties of sprays and bottles and packets that festoon our cabinets today and that we throw into the […]