The things I stumble across on the Internet!


This morning while engaged in perfectly innocent news reading, I found myself irritated by an article in the San Francisco Chronicle which called a Bohemian Grove protester (they are all paranoid nutcases, IMHO) a “libertarian”:

A clash between self-described hippies and libertarians has thrown the traditional protest against the annual Bohemian Grove encampment  into turmoil.

Mary Moore, the 78-year-old leader of the “old hippie” activist group Bohemian Grove Action Network, is boycotting the protest of the retreat in the redwoods near Monte Rio for the first time in 33 years  because, she said, paranoid, foaming-at-the-mouth radicals have horned in on the demonstration.

The object of her scorn is “libertarian” Sean Ackley, 44, of  Brentwood, who held a protest at the gates this year in an attempt to spread the word about what he believes are baby burning rituals, sex slavery and other satanic schemes, which Moore — and the club, for that matter –  called  “nonsense.”

Doesn’t sound very libertarian to me. So I googled the man’s name and found this link to a FB page he created:

Which in turn linked this piece of utter insanity positing that Trayvon Martin was the victim of a Satanic ritual sacrifice.


Trayvon Martin sacrificed by Satanists? 

Oh, yes. His father was a high ranking Mason who offered up his son to advance his Satanic career!

Naturally, they have the “facts” on a YouTube video:

Intrigued, I searched “Trayvon Martin sacrificed” and learned there’s a lot more.

Like this:

To better understand who Trayvon Martin’ father is and the intention of the Illuminati, one must first understand who and what the Freemason network is and what their stated goals are. Freemasonry was fully infected by the Illuminati circa 1800, and persists to this day. Denial, when confronted, is and always has been their only defense.


As is with all criminal acts committed by duplicitous secretive elites, outsiders never truly know where the dots connect and where they don’t. Nonetheless, it’s evident that Martin’s death was a sacrificial execution orchestrated by satanic illuminati controlled freemason’s. Like so many before him, Martin was victimized and subconsciously groomed by a demonic order of technocratic puppets, hell bent on the total conquest and control of every mind and body throughout America. The sad reality is Trayvon Martin was murdered long before the bullet struck his heart.

I couldn’t have made this up if I tried.

And to think it started because I was annoyed to read that a “clash between self-described hippies and libertarians” was threatening to mess up “the traditional protest against the annual Bohemian Grove.”

Give me a break!

Is the whole world completely insane?

(Forgive the rhetorical question.)