Eric sent me a link to this Partnership For A Drug Free America site which is in the early stages of ginning up a pogrom on coffee users.

They have a pop up which asks you to fill out a survey. I’m always glad to help. Here are some of the survey questions with my responses in bold.

Which best describes you?

Opponent of Prohibition

What was the primary purpose of your visit?

Understand Your Stupidity

How likely are you to turn to The Partnership at the next time that you need information or help related to drug or alcohol use?

Not at all likely

Why aren’t you very likely to turn to The Partnership at

Prohibition supports vast criminal enterprises. That makes you criminals. (Accessories)

For which substance(s) of abuse are you visiting


What actions related to drugs or alcohol are you planning to take in the next 30 days?
Other related action:

Get some.

From where do you first recall hearing about The Partnership at

Government Propaganda

Which best describes your ethnicity?



I’ll probably be on another list. Eff ’em.