Possession or distribution of kiddie porn is a crime, right? Arguably, it is one of the more serious crimes  imaginable, as violators can typically get more years in prison for possession of child pornography than for possession of drugs. The theory of the crime is that the children involved are victimized every time the porn is viewed.

Viewed by an adult, right?


Apparently, the age of the viewer does not matter. Nor does intent.

NORTH HIGHLANDS (CBS13) — A child porn investigation is under way at Hillsdale Elementary School in North Highlands after students were found passing around an inappropriate photo of a female student.

After phone calls today, the Twin Rivers School District confirmed over the weekend that the naked photo of a sixth-grader had been sent electronically to some students. This week, other students passed it around.

Hillsdale’s principal Renee Scott-Femenella called in the Twin Rivers Police Department in what is now a child pornography investigation.

One dad, who didn’t want to be identified, was furious with the lack of communication at the school as well as the content of the photo.

“That is my major concern, is that the school is not communicating with us, the parents.” he said.

Criminal defense attorney Jennifer Mouzis says the children who received and forwarded the photo could face a felony charges.

“This is becoming a very serious issue among juveniles because parents are buying the kids smartphones,” she said.

Sorry, but this does not compute. Children are simply not capable of understanding that looking at each other’s bodies is felonious conduct.

Assuming nudity is pornography, a child viewing a picture of another naked child is in no way comparable to an adult viewing a picture of a naked child.

I think this is absolute insanity, pure and simple. It violates all common sense. It’s like passing a law making it illegal for an adult to look at a child in the locker room, and then bust children for looking at each other in the locker room. At the rate they’re going, a kid who takes a “pornographic” (read naked) picture of himself and then looks at his own picture will be chargeable with committing auto-kiddie-porn or something, and be a felon (and a registered sex offender) for life.

I’m glad I was a child in the bad old days.