My original title for this post was Why Is Marijuana A Leftist Issue?. But I decided to change it. You will see why when you get to the end.

Eric did a post yesterday Why does the left want guns and gays to be mutually exclusive? Which got me thinking about a link I came across recently Could Marijuana Initiatives Swing the Youth Vote in Future Elections? It already has.

A new wave of high-profile ballot measures – along with the demographic groups they resonate with most – seem to crop up every few election cycles. Conservatives long relied on heavy turnout from evangelicals when abortion, same-sex marriage and similar hot-button issues appeared on ballots.

But now, in states introducing marijuana legalization measures, another powerful voting bloc has emerged: young people.

If last month’s results are any indication, younger voters could play a key role in deciding future elections in states with marijuana ballot initiatives. Exit polls suggest voters ages 18 to 29 accounted for a noticeably greater share of voters than four years ago in Colorado, Oregon and Washington – all of which voted on marijuana measures. By contrast, this age group made up roughly the same percentage of the electorate nationally this year as it did in 2008.

Once a fringe issue, marijuana is now legal in 18 states in some form and polls indicate a steady climb in support, making it difficult for politicians to ignore. Accordingly, Democratic candidates – whose voters polls show overwhelming favor legalization – may soon begin to use future ballot initiatives to their advantage.

The Republican Party is terminally stupid. They have high hopes for gaining ground in the Senate and the House in 2014. I don’t think they can do it. Why? Because their core is unable to come to grips with the end of prohibition.

“This is just the beginning,” said Jill Hanauer, president of the Democratic-leaning political research firm Project New America. “Marijuana is going to be the gay marriage of the next five years.”


It’s not so much the thought of lighting up that appeals to these younger voters, Hanauer said. Instead, they view it through the same lens as same-sex marriage – as a justice and fairness issue.

It is pretty disgusting when the core of the Republican Party acts like Jim Crow Democrats on this issue. Prohibition now, prohibition tomorrow, prohibition forever.