Poor Coco! She has managed to fracture one of her toes, so her foot is in a sort of doggie cast, and I am nursing her and giving her lots of love and doggie pain killers.

She is going to have to have that thing on for 6-8 weeks, and it makes a clumping sound when she walks, like Long John Silver with a peg leg or something.

Here’s her X-ray, which clearly shows the broken toe on her left foot (the one on the far left).

She did it chasing a frisbee that caught the wind the wrong way and went into the damned swamp, with Coco charging at it in hot pursuit. (She prides herself on catching the frisbee before it hits the ground, no matter what.) She’s such a tough little cookie that she barely complained at the time; just limped a little but still demanded more playing. A day later she was limping around so badly that it appeared she could barely walk, and then I noticed her licking her foot, and saw the swollen toe which was at an angle, and decided to take her to the vet. Obviously, what happened is that her foot landed directly on one of those nasty dead cattail stalks, which stick out everywhere like bamboo. I feel so badly for her, as she was having so much fun at the time, and I blame myself, because I threw the damn frisbee.

OTOH, that frisbee has paid the ultimate price for messing around with Coco. Here’s what’s left of it:

The lip is gone and it has lost its shape and will never fly again, whereas Coco will be her old self soon. I’d say Coco got more out of it than it got out of her.