Bill Quick linked a horror story from California.

Here it is. It speaks for itself.

The cops arrived without a warrant (claiming they’d had a “domestic violence report”), demanded entry, which was refused, so they kicked in the door, assaulted the wife, and tazed her husband for trying to help her. How manly of them!

So much for the 4th Amendment. The courts have thrown it out. All it takes is an unsubstantiated phone call.

The cops “explain” here:

In a press release, Cotati police said the officers’ actions were justified because it was a call for domestic violence, and as such, the officers could not leave without making sure everyone inside the apartment was safe.

“To do so would be a neglect of duty,” said the statement. “Due to the exigent circumstances, the officers were forced to kick the door open in order to enter the apartment. Constitutional law allows for officers to make entries under these types of circumstances without a warrant.”

Paul Henderson, a former prosecutor and KPIX 5 legal analyst, agreed the officers had the right to force entry into the home.

“In the case where you have a third party calling from outside of the house, the cops have to investigate,” said Henderson. “They’re not necessarily going to take or believe someone telling them from behind a locked door that everything is okay without doing an investigation.”

According to the police press release, Wood faces two charges: obstructing a peace officer and false imprisonment.

Jennifer Wood, James’ wife, showed KPIX 5 bruises on her arm and said an officer caused them. She was adamant that there was absolutely no domestic violence between her and her husband, just a loud disagreement about finances.

“The officer later tried to get me to say my husband abused me,” Jennifer Wood said. “But I told him, ‘the only one that hurt me was you.’”

That’s right.  Kick in the door and taze people to make sure they’re safe! And if they have a dog, by all means shoot the dog to death while you’re at it!

We have to make sure people are safe in their homes.

(The Gestapo would have loved these people.)