It’s a little too cold, wet, and bleak for most people around here to be out having fun, but that makes it a good time to remember the purpose of the holiday today: to honor those who fought and died to preserve the freedoms we take for granted. All the more important because some Americans — especially our leaders — are increasingly willing to abandon those freedoms, and even dishonor those who died for our freedom.

For a good Memorial Day read, Glenn Reynolds linked this WSJ piece by Navy SEAL Leif Babbin: “A Tradition of Sacrifice, From Yorktown to Ramadi: It was not the Declaration of Independence that gave us freedom but the Continental Army.

I especially liked this:

The dead did not wish to be martyred. They no doubt longed to return to their homes and families. But they believed in the “glorious cause,” something far greater than themselves. Despite knowing the dangers before them, they followed Gen. Washington into the fray even when victory seemed hopeless and the cause all but lost.

In America today, there are those who believe that under no circumstances is war the answer. Violence only begets more violence, we’re told. The unstated message: Nothing is worth fighting and dying for. History disagrees.

It certainly does. And I think those “WAR IS NOT THE ANSWER” bumperstickers (which I still see all over the place) are dishonoring our war dead.