I use TinyCAD and FreePCB and ViewMate Gerber reader to design PCBs. All free for the purposes I use them. What part of my work actually shows up as GDP (at least in the development stage)? The boards I get made by OSH Park plus the parts I buy from Mouser and Digikey. But I must add that many electronics manufacturers are relatively free with samples. For instance I got 10 microprocessors at no charge from NXP which in fact has a very generous free sample program.

It is a new world. And although I’m an old man I have been living in it for over 30 years. Since before the days of the first BBS which I had a small part in developing. I sold the developers the I/O board and consulted about its use for free. You see free attracts free. And I count myself among the Freemen.

And that ATeam thing I mentioned the other day? We are a very small team of developers (three) working on software and hardware that we hope will change the world. If we are good. And lucky. And a lot of it will be free. Because we like working in the free market.

And I must add that the work is being bolstered by some angel investors. Not big money by any means but small infusions of cash at critical points. Thanks guys. The ATeam couldn’t be doing what it is doing at the rate we are doing it without your help at critical points. And the best thing about our angels? Their motivation like mine and the rest of the team is to make the world a better place. We will find a way or make one.

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