The Rockford Register Star used Cannabis talk here will lighten up sooner or later as the headline for an article to discuss a 4:20 gathering at Whiskey’s Roadhouse that I attended. The article discusses the pessimism at the gathering while “everyone” else and especially Colorado is celebrating. I met the reporter at the gathering and discussed with her my interest in endocannabinoids.

Here is an e-mail (slightly amended) I sent her on the article with links added for Classical Values.


1. Sick people are dying from lack of medicine – look up – endocannabinoid cancer
2. People are still going to jail for pot crimes – right here in Rockford
3. Medical marijuana is not legal in Illinois – so far only one chamber has passed the bill
4. The number of conditions allowed in the Illinois bill compared to what pot can treat is ridiculous. – The endocannabinoid system is a major regulator in the body implicated in almost all diseases including cancer.
5. There is still a fight on with a certain segment of the population that LOVES persecuting hippies and that segment may be small – but they are in charge. ALL pot users are hippies according to them.
6. How would you like being a Jew in Germany in July of 1944?

There is not much to celebrate here in Illinois. In addition the community here in Rockford – those that come out publicly – are mainly in need of medicine.

You did get that the majority of people at the meeting were very well educated in the science. Excellent. But you presented very little of the science.

If you want to do us some good write about the endocannabinoid system in the body. Write up the NIH (National Institute of health) endocannabinoid cites. Tell people about the Rockford for Safe Access blog. Get your health columnist involved and start educating. Go to any hospital in Rockford and corner a doctor and ask that doctor about the endocannabinoid system.

We are no where near the end of Prohibition. We are not even near the beginning of the end. We may be at the end of the beginning – with a whole host of casualties yet to come. And anyone at that meeting may yet be a casualty. A certain grimness at the meeting? To be sure. There is a LOT of grimness yet to come. The war on Jews (dopers in the common parlance) is not yet over. My Rabbi put it very well – he understands that what he is doing opens him to the power of the law. The Federals are arresting dispensary operators.

You did get lots of column inches. And a heads up (heh) at the top of the front page. Nice. But nothing on the www [the article is now up on the www – link above –> Rockford Register Star]. So what ever good you did with what you wrote is a one day thing. And even that was limited since you made no mention of monthly meetings. I hope to see you at Whiskey’s on the second Saturday of the month – 10AM to noon. Saturday 11 May is the next one.