Tim Blair notices this Waleed Aly cornucopia of nonsense, complete with a refreshingly honest graphical admission the media can’t wait for a Tea Party member to finally do something violent. It’s a target-rich environment, but this bit jumped out at me:

It’s not just that we don’t value Iraqi lives as much as American ones (although this is true, given our ability to rationalise away the mammoth loss of civilian life during the Iraq war).

Given that the average monthly violent death rate under Saddam was actually higher than the worst death tolls of the occupation, this is like complaining the Normandy invasion proves we don’t value European lives — ask the Kurds how they feel about it.  Also, nearly all of the Iraqi civilians killed were killed not by or because of the allied troops, but rather by terrorists and former regime elements, despite the best efforts of allied troops — it’s certainly the highest standard any invader has ever been held to. And it would appear we value Iraqi lives more than our own, since we sent our soldiers over to guard their polling places while they struggled to assemble something resembling a representative democracy.

UPDATE:  As far as I know, there is no truth to the scurrilous rumor Columbia University has requested Dzokhar Tsarnaev’s transcripts and curriculum vitae.