What the heck is wrong with this Rand Paul guy? How did he get to be such a flaming tool?

I think even marijuana is a bad thing to do. I think it takes away your incentive to work and show up and do the things you should be doing. I don’t think it’s a good idea. I don’t want to promote that.

Well how about some evidence? As you might have guessed I have some.

Drug Testing Lowers High Tech Productivity

Smoking Pot Does Not Make You stupid

And then we have this charming bit from a site called Choose Help.

Scientists may not be able to prove a casual link, but marijuana smokers know that while high, they just aren’t as motivated to accomplish in life.

Rand may have gotten his information from that site. And what are they selling? Addiction treatment. No bias there. Nope.

Well then. Does marijuana make you lazy?

Not if you are a responsible adult, it doesn’t. Ask the U.S. Army. They did a study and showed no effect. If this were true, why would many Eastern cultures, and Jamaicans, use marijuana to help them work harder? `Amotivational syndrome’ started as a media myth based on the racial stereotype of a lazy Mexican borracho. The prohibitionists claimed that marijuana made people worthless and sluggish. Since then, however, it has been scientifically researched, and a symptom resembling amotivational syndrome has actually been found. However, it only occurs in adolescent teenagers — adults are not affected.

When a person reaches adolescence, their willingness to work usually increases, but this does not happen for teenagers using marijuana regularly — even just on the weekends. The actual studies involved monkeys, not humans, and the results are not verified, but older studies which tried to show `amotivational syndrome’ usually only suceeded when they studied adolescents. Adults are not effected.

The symptoms are not permanent, and motivation returns to normal levels several months after marijuana smoking stops. However, a small number of people may be unusually sensitive to this effect. One of the monkeys in the experiment was severely amotivated and did not recover. Doctors will need to study this more before they know why.

Unmotivated teenagers? I don’t think they need to smoke pot to cause that.

And then we have the pot smoker who won 14 Olympic Gold Medals. Evidently pot didn’t destroy his incentive to work.

So why isn’t Rand who is supposedly an eye doctor talking about the medical uses of cannabis? A topic where he could instantly get 75% of Americans on his side?

He at least ought to know about cannabis as a treatment for glaucoma.

And why doesn’t he talk about “there are more endocannabinoid receptors in the body than any other receptor type.” Don’t they teach that in medical school? Well maybe not while he was attending. But then you have to ask yourself why he isn’t keeping up? Probably because he doesn’t want to be a doctor anymore. He prefers politics.

He could talk about cancer. Scientists Find Cannabis Compound Stops Metastasis In Aggressive Cancers.

I’m beginning to wonder if he wasn’t sent to discredit the whole legalization movement by acting tone deaf on the issue. He does favor an end to long jail sentences for marijuana use. But that is not a very radical position in an age where 56% of Americans favor legalization according to a May 2012 Rasmussen Report poll.

Update: 28 March 2013 0445z

I just found this article on Marijuana and IQ which says:

There are also other factors — such as child abuse or other trauma — that might lead people to seek escape in heavy marijuana use and could also affect brain function. Meier and her colleagues did not examine these factors but say it’s possible that such elements could explain the results better than marijuana itself.

Do you suppose the War On Drugs could be a War On Abused Children? In a “Christian” country no less.