No. Not that kind. OTOH maybe that kind. Two words actually “Unitive Sex”. Hmm. What the heck is “Itive Sex”? Well maybe there is a misunderstanding here. I looked around and found the idea was a Father, Son, Holy Ghost kind of trilogy. Or Tri UN e. Sounds a lot like tyranny when you spell it like that. OK the Catholics can explain it. Does that mean the Jews can can it? Remains to be seen. Unless they have arisen.

The Catholic site goes into a lot of clap trap about what is moral – intentions count – and then comes up with this punchline:

This moral object of the sexual act is often misrepresented. It is not mere physical union. A handshake or a hug has a mere physical union, but not the unitive meaning. Unnatural sexual acts, such as homosexual sex, have a certain physical union, but they do not have the unitive meaning. Neither is the unitive meaning equivalent to sexual pleasure, nor shared sexual pleasure. None of these things are the unitive meaning.

The unitive meaning is a specific type of physical union, the sexual union of a man and a woman in natural intercourse. This type of sexual act is in harmony with, and ordered toward, the other meanings: marital and procreative.

Me? I’d rather you did good from evil intent than did evil from good intent. Because the road to hell is paved with paper money (wait – wrong thread).

Given today’s moral climate I expect that quite a few people and not just Catholics will be taking their marching orders from Rome. It looks like the New World Order is stretching to meet the Old World Order. I predict unhappy days will be here again. Once the subjugation of women is complete. Followed soon after by the subjugation of men. If the debt bomb doesn’t get them first. See? The road to Hell IS paved with paper money.

So what brought all this on? I was doing additional research for The War On Abortion.

I do have a question though. How do priests who have never had sex with women (do boys count?) and nuns who have never had sex with men know anything at all about the union of a man and a woman? Or is it all just theory?