So the Italian elections interest me. Lets start with Zero Hedge (ZH).

It may come as a surprise to some, but the largest single party in the Italian Chamber as a result of today’s elections, when stripping away all alliance partners, is none other than Beppe Grillo’s Movimento 5 Stelle. With 25.53% of the votes (96.44% of the vote counted), the comedian/blogger/counterestablishmentarian/contrarian received more votes than either Bersani’s Democratic Party which got 25.51%, and Berlusconi’s Popolo Della Liberta, which got 21.44%. Congratulations to both him, and to the Italian people who made the most symbolic vote of all: that they are done with a broken statist status quo, and that despite engrained beliefs to the contrary, there is a third alternative to the fake Party A-Party B paradigm.

I got this link from the comments at ZH. The post is two videos. The English subtitles begin at 1:50 in of the video posted here. This video was made about 14 years ago.

He was calling our masters banksters way back then.

Update: 27 Feb 2013 2205z

Veeshir left a few links in the comments that deserve wider attention. One to commentary at his blog Doubleplusundead (which Veeshir reminds me is NSFW – although I found none of the words inappropriate) and another to this Brit blog Blottr.