Things are getting crazy

Treason? Or treason? UPDATE: (12:05) Now that it’s the next year I can’t make any more sense of the above than I could last year, but in any case… … a very HAPPY NEW YEAR to all! (Perhaps things will be less crazy as time goes on, but perhaps not.)

The real narrative is not about children, and it isn’t new

In his latest endorsement of gun control measures, President Obama said  one thing that is absolutely true: “I’ve been very clear that an assault-rifle ban, banning these high capacity clips, background checks, that there are a set of issues that I have historically supported and will continue to support,” the president said. I see the above […]

Help Air Grandma

That Is Odd

The above picture was from this Yahoo story of Hillary hospitalized with blood clot. Notice the odd triangular motif on the right? That is not something you normally see in the context of American icons. The caption for the picture reads: U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton answers questions from the audience at the 2012 […]

The Women Did It

I just read something interesting. The 2012 elections are over and it was a landmark one for women. Female voters made up 54 percent of the electorate, and according to exit polls, 55 percent of those women voted for Obama…. So why have men in effect “stopped voting”? Or more accurately reduced their participation.

It Was Strange For Me To Do Something Of Social Value

The utterance in the title can be heard at about the 5:05 mark. So what is the video about? The end of college and probably all of education as we know it. The montage in the beginning is especially interesting. So are teachers really worth what we pay them? Some are worth way more. The […]

An unoriginal idea whose time has not come

As it’s that time of the year (a time I would rather not explain in explicit detail), I’ve been feeling haunted lately. Feeling haunted is a not altogether unpleasant experience, although it it is a little like nostalgia on steroids. Nostalgia is to haunting as pot is to heroin. Or as beer is to Everclear. […]

A Typical Prohibitionist?

Eric in his post The Most Important Drug War Film I’ll Never See? linked to this Forbes article where I found this comment: The War on Drugs needs to be replaced with an all-out War Against Drug Dealers to include: – Death penalty for 2nd & 3rd time offenders, as optional for juries and judges […]

A Matter Of Timing

H/T A list I am on which prefers to remain nameless.

The Most Important Drug War Film I’ll Never See?

Here’s a trailer to a movie that (according to IMDb) I cannot see because it isn’t anywhere in my area: A pity I can’t see it, because the Forbes review called it “The Most Important Drug War Film You’ll Ever See.” It’s a film about the human consequences of execrable War on Drugs and […]

Prohibition Can’t Work

Law student Cody Wilson has made a gun. In his “bedroom”. With a 3D printer. He defends his project (he has released the source code) and why he did it. But some of the most interesting stuff is in the comments. Like this one: Cody should be in jail. The second amendment is so that […]

Facebook censors Gandhi

While I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, I’m furious over Facebook’s latest outrage. Via the ever-vigilant Bill Quick, I learned that Facebook has banned the following accurate historical quote from Indian leader Mohandas Gandhi: (NaturalNews) The reports are absolutely true. Facebook suspended the Natural News account earlier today after we posted an historical quote from […]

Racism made him do it!

Just as I thought the chorus of blaming anyone and anything but the shooter for the Connecticut school shooting was beginning to wind down, along comes Michael Moore with one of the most idiotic claims yet. He sees racism as being at the root of the problem. No, seriously. According to Moore’s “logic,” the shooting […]

Keep calm and die?

Reading this pissed me off. If you’re angry, for the benefit of your health, you need to let it all out, according to a new study that revealed that being hot-tempered and expressing your anger could be a key to enjoying a long and healthy life. Researchers Marcus Mund and Kristin Mitte at the University […]


I came across this report and got scared witless. This is supposedly a conversation between two people. One of which is Doug Hagman (DH). DH: Whoa, wait a minute. You just said a mouthful. What’s the agenda here? RB: Your intelligence insider – he knows that we are facing a planned economic collapse. You wrote […]

A Christmas wish

I’m sure it will sound trite, but I wish this country could become post-racial. I don’t discuss race much, but I wish there were no such thing, or at least people were not conscious of it. In theory at least, this country is not racial. But in practice, it has become relegated to being a […]

Who Is Torturable?

A long while back I wrote a piece in which I quote Graham Greene from his book “Our Man In Havana” where the police chief of Havana explains who is torturable. The poor in my own country, in any Latin American country. The poor of Central Europe and the Orient. Of course in your welfare […]

All is calm, NOT!

‘Tis the night before Christmas. And all through the house, there’s a creature who’s stirring, ’cause she thinks I’m a louse! I refer to Coco, of course, whom I earlier tried to drag into the spirit of Christmas present against her will. Yes, she squirmed to get away and I held her tightly! Shockingly, I […]

cyber-searches of language that mass-casualty shooters have used in e-mails and Internet posting

That’s how those we call “the authorities” plan to look for deranged gunmen. Am I alone in seeing an obvious problem? It strikes me as painfully obvious that any “cyber-searches of language that mass-casualty shooters have used in e-mails and Internet postings” are going to yield up people who are simply quoting or discussing the language […]

Gun Free Zone

H/T Richard Feldman via e-mail