Speaking of sustainability, I just learned that Drake’s Bay Oyster Company — fourth generation family business I patronized when I lived in California — has been shut down by the federal government. Even media liberal types are upset, because after all, not only was the place a cherished institution, but the politically correct company has long prided itself on its “sustainability.”

California’s senior grand dame of liberalism, Dianne Feinstein is also upset (after all Marin County is her turf), and she is accusing the federal government (Interior Secretary Ken Salazar in particular) of using “false science” to kill the business:

“As stewards of the land, our practices are driven by a deep respect for the earth and the waters of the Estero ecosystem. The farms provide jobs, housing, and income to many locals, and are a significant part of the history and diversity of this thriving agricultural community,” the company said on its website.

Now, just before the holidays, 30 people are out of work.

“I am extremely disappointed that Secretary Salazar chose not to renew the operating permit for the Drakes Bay Oyster Company,” Feinstein said. “The National Park Service’s review process has been flawed from the beginning with false and misleading science, which was also used in the Environmental Impact Statement.”

Imagine. Liberals accusing fellow liberals of using false science!

I’m upset by the closure of what was a really cool place (I’ve toured it repeatedly and eaten their oysters), but I have to say, seeing liberals complain about their own policies coming back to bite them in the ass offers a small ray of hope that maybe some of them can still see the light.

I don’t expect them to become Republicans, though. The latter are seen and stereotyped as irredeemably evil — even by people who otherwise have more in common with them than they do the Democrats.