Yep. The Saudis have done it. They have perfected a system for preventing abortion.

Saudi Arabia is sending a text message to the guardian—usually a husband, father, or brother—of any woman who attempts to exit the country. While the kingdom isn’t known for its women’s rights, critics feel “tagging” women like a dog that wanders astray is way out of bounds and wrong on every level. Can’t say I disagree.

A few facts about Saudi Arabian women: It’s the only country where women can’t legally drive; women must always be accompanied by a guardian called a mahram; women are listed as dependents on their guardian’s passports; women must always wear a full-length black covering called an Abaya, a full face covering called a niqab, and a hair covering called a hijab; women cannot attend school or hold a job; all requests for healthcare must be approved by the guardian. Women in Saudi Arabia hold the same social standing as children.

Now, let’s talk about how this digital leash works under these everyday restrictions. Under Saudi law, women must have permission from their husband or the Saudi male head of household to leave the country (or basically do anything, but that’s a discussion for another time). Until recently, these permission slips—basically the same ones your parents signed in school except for adults—were actual pieces of paper called “Yellow Slips.” On the slip was a formal declaration indicating written permission that a woman could leave the country.

Now, they’ve gone digital.

When a woman has her passport scanned, the electronic monitoring system notifies whoever has her listed as a dependent via text message by using a massive database. This can happen whether she is leaving the country via an airport or border check. The guardian will receive the message even if he is traveling with the woman or, you know, has no problem with his adult wife leaving the country without his express permission.

See how that could work? You just implant women with a GPS tracker and you will be able to keep your (Government) eyes on them all the time. Now if we add similar tracking for men we would know exactly who comes in contact with them and if one gets pregnant we will know who to blame. If women put up a fight with every sexual contact (wanted or otherwise) she would have the perfect defense. “I was raped.”

There is one small problem here in the US. How will you get women to vote for it? Well no matter. The President could issue a decree in the name of National Security. Something about “every woman deserving protection” should provide sufficient cover.