Eric asks the question “Are these Republicans serious?” in An issue as ahead of its time as counting chickens before they hatch. I answered in part:

Sadly, I believe they are. Perhaps at the Rand Paul level the effort is a cynical one to raise money and a following. But at the level of the following where the money comes from they are serious.

Further – it is becoming more and more evident that the Republican Party is not a political Party in the conventional sense. It is a religious movement.

I do believe that as usual I’m a bit ahead of my time. I have declared myself a heretic and have committed self excommunication. No doubt it is a failing in me but I have generally preferred communists to theocrats. Why? Well in general the communists are satisfied with my money and a cynical obeisance. The theocrats want my soul. They have no chance at it even unto ” ’til death do us part. ” Molon labe.