Romney is such a square that the Democrats are having an impossible time of it trying to come up with a scandal. The decades-old divorce testimony (said to be an “October surprise“) amounts to nothing but an opinion about the price of stock, and the supposedly “scandalous” pictures of him as a prep school kid do little more than prove that he was an attractive kid with a sense of humor (and a cutely inoffensive one at that).

They’ll have to do better at dirt digging, and I don’t know whether they can. They have tried to demonize Romney as a right wing nut, but the debates have ruined that meme. All the man needs to do is be nice and gentlemanly (at which he excels) and remind voters that he was Governor of Massachusetts, and the “right wing nut” thing just evaporates.

What I think makes Romney deadly is his surprising likability. With any luck, he’ll be able to keep it up.

Being likable worked for Reagan, who was also spun as a right wing nut.