In a brief post last night, I mentioned the attempt to demonize Mitt Romney (and the GOP in general), and how it has been remarkably unsuccessful. I see Romney’s likability as a major factor.

Well, this morning I learned about a line of attack that Barack Obama and the countless talking heads seem to have mostly missed.

Romney and the Republicans are basically sociopaths.

Governance by a Party With a Leadership That Has Been Taken Over by Sociopaths: The Fourth and Final Column Analyzing What Mitt Romney Would Do As President


In this column, I draw the unavoidable—and quite depressing—conclusion that the emergence of sociopathic attitudes is no longer confined to the lunatic fringe.  While most Americans—Republicans, Democrats, and independents—remain healthy, well-socialized human beings, a group of people whom—we must now admit—can accurately be described as sociopaths has taken over the modern Republican Party, enforcing a new orthodoxy that is just as cold-blooded as what we saw in the responses the Times received to the story of Kristof’s now-deceased friend.

In other words, while most rank-and-file Republican voters are good people, their party has been stolen from them.  A combination of factors—party loyalty, distorted news coverage, horse-race politics, and many others—has allowed one of our two major parties to continue to be viable even after this hostile takeover.  A win by the Romney/Ryan ticket will, unfortunately, validate that group and unleash it to do serious damage to America and the world.

If you read through the piece, you will see that the word “sociopath” has taken on a new and enlarged meaning. The “lack of conscience” traditionally believed to accompany the sociopathic personality does not mean being able to do things like casually murder or slowly torture people to death; it now “extends to Republican leaders’ desire to eliminate or radically reduce anti-poverty programs (demonizing food stamps, for example, with racially-coded language), and even to their refusal to understand that the middle-class support program known as unemployment insurance is necessary during extended economic downturns.”

In other words, a sociopath is someone who disagrees with taking money from Person A by force, and giving it to Person B.


Pretty soon, “sociopath” will mean opposition to socialism.