Ever since I was a kid, I have been told to shut up. I’m used to it. What I have enjoyed about blogging is that while people can tell me to shut up, no one can actually shut me up.

Well, on occasion, maybe they can. A strange thing happened on the way to the forum. Maybe I haven’t been blogging as much as I should, but lately I have sounded off about foreign policy (if that is what it is), and so has Dave. I don’t like seeing free speech being stepped on by those who are entrusted to protect it, and ever since the latest September 11 attack (yes, attack) I have seen a concerted, coordinated effort to squelch free speech. That this effort has been directed by the White House is bad enough, but for the press — the free press on which the First Amendment depends — to be assisting an attack on its own freedom, is beyond mind-boggling. I’ve been so amazed that I haven’t even known what to say.

I should emphasize that not knowing what to say¬†after a decade of blogging is… well, saying something.

In addition to that I have been busy with stuff I don’t want to blog about, so blogging has been sparse. This wouldn’t have been a big deal and certainly not worth a blog post but for the inescapable fact that a couple of days ago, stuff started happening. First, the blog got blacklisted as a virus site. About a day later, it just crapped out completely, giving everyone (myself included) a weird error code.

Fortunately, this site is hosted by Host Matters, and in a very short amount of time, they figured out exactly what the problem was (we were hacked and a Trojan was installed), and they have eliminated the threat.

How this happened is anyone’s guess. I’m just glad it’s back up, because no matter what causes the problem I do want to be able to enjoy my First Amendment rights, at least here.

I don’t know and may never know whether this was just your basic spammer trying to hijack the blog to make money or a malicious attack. If its the former, well, life goes on as usual. If it’s the latter, well, if I have been saying things that have offended anyone enough to try to take out this blog, then I feel obligated to apologize — for not having done enough to offend such totalitarian swine earlier.

I’ve been too busy, OK?

UPDATE: This site is virus and malware free, but AVG (which relies on user reports and not actual status) continues to blacklist it because it was reported to be infected.