Austin Bay said something with which I could not possibly agree more:

The Benghazi attack wasn’t an act of sudden rage, an escalating protest kindled by a sacrilegious video. It was a calculated act of war conducted on a date, 9/11, with political significance and symbolic power.

Via Glenn Reynolds, who also links this from Charlie Martin:

Foreign Policy’s diplomatic blog The Cable reports:

The Sept. 11 attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi was in fact “a terrorist attack” and the U.S. government has indications that members of al Qaeda were directly involved, a top Obama administration official said Wednesday morning.

“I would say yes, they were killed in the course of a terrorist attack on our embassy,” Matt Olsen, the director of the National Counterterrorism Center, said Wednesday at a hearing of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, in response to questioning from Chairman Joe Lieberman (I-CT) about the attack that killed Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans.

So, more than a week later, and after countless analysts and the Libyan government repeatedly told them this attack was military in nature and had been preplanned, and after needlessly harassing (and basically serving up to our enemies) a convenient scapegoat whose silly film did little more than provide the same pretext any Mohammad cartoon would have, our government is finally admitting that yes, we were subjected to a terrorist attack.

On 9/11 mind you. Embassies sacked and burned, an ambassador murdered? Are you kidding? Any idiot could have seen what was going on. I’ve barely been blogging lately, and I have little time to analyze anything these days, but it was clear to me on September 12 that it was an act of war.

I have to say that in my 58 years, I have never seen anything quite like this. It is bad enough to have an administration willing to cover up a cold-blooded, premeditated attack on the United States, but the conduct of the media — those “journalists” supposedly entrusted to tell us what happened — is even more shocking. If you bother with a daily local newspaper (I read the Detroit Free Press), you would think all that happened was some mob got upset by a video and that Romney dwarfed what happened with a shocking gaffe. And of course, maybe an ambassador died, but that was a misunderstanding caused by a hate video or something.

It is all just completely flabbergasting.

I’m wondering just what would happen today if we had a repeat of the 1979 Iranian hostage crisis. Might they report something about it on page B-20?

Let me repeat. The United States was attacked on 9/11 by al-Qaeda terrorists, and an American ambassador and three others were killed.

What is not newsworthy about that?

What is going on in this country? Where is the outrage?

There is a war going on against the United States. It is axiomatic that in this war, the enemy seeks to destroy the United States.

I have one, very simple question.

Does the United States care?

I don’t want that to be a rhetorical question, OK?