Quick question.

Does anyone know why it costs so much more to use the online usps.com “Print Shipping Labels” service than it does to take your item down to a physical post office?

I am returning a small electronic item to Canada, and the Canadian postage label read $2.80. I wanted to simply send it back in the same box, but when I filled out the various prompts (address, weight, etc.), my choices were limited to $22.09 for “Priority Mail® International Service” or $12.95 for “Priority Mail International® Tracking not available.”

Sorry, but I don’t like having my lungs pulled out. Not while I’m still alive. So I drove to the post office where I mailed it for — get this — $3.20.

What could possibly be up with that? I asked the clerk, and she said “they probably don’t have all the options available online.”

I’ll say. There seems to be no option for printing labels with just plain old regular postage. You’d think they’d want people to use their online service, but maybe not.