It saw sweltering today, but in spite of the heat, I decided to go see Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan at a rally in Commerce, Michigan. It’s about 40 minutes away, but I’m not a “RAH RAH” type, and I normally wouldn’t have gone, but when I learned that the Democrats were having an “email panic over a “‘Disturbing Report’ of Overflow Crowds at Romney/Ryan Events” I found myself getting annoyed.

Since when is it considered “disturbing” that Americans are civic-minded enough to attend political campaign rallies? This is still a two party system, is it not?

Anyway, the more I thought it over, the more it struck me that if the White House considers attending a Romney/Ryan event to be “disturbing,” then I should be honored to go. After all, if this is the United States, and if we are so unlucky as to have a president who finds opposition “disturbing,” then it ought to be my patriotic duty to “disturb.” The more the better.

Anyway, I got there and took some photos. I don’t know how many people were there; the crowd was estimated at 10,000 from the stage, but I had trouble parking (I worried I would be towed) and crowds of people lined both sides of the street. Fortunately, I was sent a link for a ticket, and a friend asked me to drive another man with a VIP pass, so I lucked out on getting into the seats behind the stage, from which I could take some half decent pictures.

Here are a few crowd shots:

The Romneys and Paul Ryan:

And the two guys:

What amazes me is that while Romney cracked what I thought was a very funny and quite good-natured joke, the MSM liberal crowd are doing their best to turn it into some kind of Birther conspiracy. Talk about paranoid conspiracy theories! Check this out:

Mitt Romney’s invocation of birtherism on Friday took his campaign to a new level of involvement with the bogus idea that President Obama is actually Kenyan-born and therefore ineligible to serve as Commander-in-Chief. But that dog-whistle theory has already been embraced by many major Republicans with whom Romney has long been happy to consort.

Indeed, as Republicans head down to Tampa for their convention next week, they are preparing to see a veritable festival of politicians who have dabbled in — or fully embraced — birtherism.

Sorry, but I was there, and it was far from an endorsement of the Birtherism nonsense. If anything, Romney sees birth certificates as a gag line, in much the same way any comedian would.

So what’s the message here? Romney didn’t even mention Obama’s birth certificate. He only mentioned his own, just as I have mentioned mine.

Is there a new rule that we can’t even joke about our own birth certificates without it being seen as a hidden swipe over the legitimacy of Obama’s?


I’ve been ridiculing the Birthers from Day One, but that does not mean I have forfeited my sense of humor. Romney has been snarkily accused of not “really” being a Michigander by locals around here, and the way he spoke, that’s what was on his mind. He does not think Obama was born anywhere but in the United States, and he didn’t imply in any way that he was. It was clear he was trying to remind people that he was born in Michigan and the birth certificate reference was added for color. It cracked me up, and I was delighted to see that he not only has a sense of humor, but a mischievous one. Is that still allowed?

So, while I didn’t go there for that reason, I found myself genuinely liking both of the Romneys, as well as Paul Ryan. They strike me as about the closest thing we’re going to get to decent, real, human beings within the unfortunate confines of the present political system.

If I had to sum it up in one word, “refreshing” comes to mind.


Maybe the White House should be disturbed.