Rand Paul Wants The Government To Watch Over The Vaginas Of America

I just got an e-mail from Rand Paul. I assume he is angling for the VP slot under Romney (all double entendres intended – you will see why soon). Rand says: Dear Concerned American, I’ve prepared a brief but urgent video regarding breaking news in the fight to overturn Roe v. Wade in our nation. […]

Emotional Decision Making

Two of the head men (Whittle and Klavan) over at PJTV have a post up (members only) about the rational style vs the emotional style in politics. But that is a false dichotomy. May I quote from a paper on the subject: The modern era of the neuroscience of decision making began with the observation […]

What if Romney is right about illegal purchases?

Various media stories are ridiculing Mitt Romney for saying that Colorado shooter James Holmes illegally acquired weapons: Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney on Wednesday said many of the weapons obtained by the shooting suspect in Colorado were obtained illegally and that changing laws won’t prevent gun-related tragedies. Holmes broke no laws when he purchased an […]

Poll Vault

Apropos of yesterday’s poleaxing poll post, a quant at The Naked Dollar blog looks at the national mood and finds a trend favorable to the GOP: This time series started on April 1st. Each time a poll moves for a Republican, it’s a positive, and vice verse. (Obama moving from +1 to +3 would mean […]

Rahm Emanuel’s bigoted favoritism

As most longtime readers know, I have an aversion to anti-gay bigotry, and I think its stubborn and lingering presence in the Republican Party poses a difficult problem. However, anti-gay bigotry is alive and well among liberals in the Democratic Party, despite their pretense of being against it. A perfect example is illustrated by Chicago […]

A blizzard of blame

Speaking of idiotic remarks about the Colorado theater shooting, I certainly did not mean to imply in my last depressing post that they are limited to conservatives even though I was quite irritated by one. Most of the nonsensical scolding has been coming from the left. Here’s famed director Peter Bogdanovitch, blaming guns, movies and […]


Wow. Just wow. This is amazing. If I were Ace, I’d be breaking out the Flaming Skull. If I were Allahpundit, the robot would be humping. So I’ve been saying for a while 2012 will look more like 2010/2004 (even D/R split) than 2008 (D+7). Jay Cost tends to agree, and points out current polling […]

The Slavic Mentality

Commenter Kathy Kinsley made a very interesting point in a comment to my recent post Liberty Is Prone To Misuse. Her response was to my thought: You would prefer a police state? Some would. Really. That’s the actual problem with libertarian philosophy. Some people really DO NOT want to make decisions. They want to be […]

some things should be respected and avoided

From time to time I get fed up with opinions — even my own. I just don’t want to hear them, and I often wish I didn’t have them. Is there such a thing as being overdosed on opinion? Maybe if I write this blog post, it will help me find out. Earlier I made […]

Gun Rapp

From: Ice-T Defends the Second Amendment. Since most of the cops I know are good people who want to fight crimes against people and property (as opposed to harassing people engaged in victimless crimes or enforcing misguided bureaucratic edicts), I would like the video even more if he said “protect yourself from the government” rather […]

Box Tail

You can read more about it here. Synergy doesn’t just look amazing, it truly is amazing; the first systematic application of six proven breakthroughs for major drag reduction. These principles haven’t been put together in a form simple enough to deliver their liberating potential… until now. Designed to show ten times the fuel economy of […]

Barack Obama, The Smartest Man Ever To Be Elected President

“We tried our plan — and it worked.” “If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.” “The private sector is doing fine.” “And it’s not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion…” How the hell did this guy ever get elected to anything?  

If it’s fake but true, can we dispense with the fakery?

“The trouble with quotes on the Internet is that it’s difficult to determine whether or not they are genuine.” – Abraham Lincoln Lincoln was right, damn it! And the prescience of the man is unbelievable, for when he said that, the Internet had not yet been invented by Al Gore! As to whether Lincoln actually […]

“Juggling Lemons”

Has any metaphor ever achieved such perfection? SAN FRANCISCO — At an exclusive re-election fundraiser tonight, President Obama hobnobbed with 60 of his wealthiest supporters, including two figures at the center of the Solyndra loan controversy. … Samuelsohn noted that Westly was seen near the pool “juggling lemons, entertaining kids at the party.” Well, you […]

Liberty Is Prone To Misuse

  You would prefer a police state?  

Divide And Conquer

Divide and conquer is at its heart a political method for harnessing hate. If we want to beat this regime we are going to have to love one another. Where is Jesus when you need him? Well not in our hearts that is for sure.

Microbes and Human Disease

The above was sent to me by a friend at the Nuclear Fusion board I moderate. He also sent me these links. Immunostimulation in the era of the metagenome Metagenomics of the Human Body Vitamin D: the alternative hypothesis Successive infection: a model for how metagenomic communities shift to become more pathogenic over time Autoimmune […]

Money Laundering, Drug Cartels

At PaJamas TV they are having a discussion of the subject in the title. Well some one has to move the money or the cartels can’t survive. The easiest way to stop it would be to stop the flow of drugs. But that is in no one’s interest. Not the DEA’s, certainly not the cartels. […]

For Whom The Beltway Polls

Jay Cost addresses a point I’ve been making: pollsters are generally using 2008 turnout models (of registered voters) meaning Mitt is doing quite a bit better than the polls indicate. Jay notes the 2004 D/R exit poll split was even, as it was in 2010, while the media polling average is D+5.5, which is much […]


The DEA and the Drug Cartels. So many are fooled because they seem to fight each other. But that is only on the surface. Each could not exist without the other. They have to prop each other up. So the DEA has to assist with the flow of drugs and the cartels have to accept […]