Well this IS a surprise.

DENVER—It’s not just long-haired hippies and Bob Marley fans who want marijuana regulation in Colorado—it’s also some red-blooded conservatives in suits and ties.

That was the scene Thursday in Denver when a group of conservatives, headed by Joe Megyesy, former communications director for GOP Congressman Mike Coffman, met with representatives from The Campaign to Regulate Marijuana like Alcohol to discuss the issue of marijuana regulation and Amendment 64.

“I just think marijuana prohibition is another failed policy of big government,” Megyesy said. “There’s a better way to deal with it: treating it, taxing it and regulating it like alcohol is a better way to handle it where we currently are.”

Also in attendance at the information session was Amendment 64 campaign guru Mason Tvert, who said there’s no reason marijuana regulation can’t have bipartisan backing.

“Ultimately, support for ending marijuana prohibition spans the political spectrum,” Tvert said. “We have, for example, people like Pat Robertson, an evangelical, conservative leader, who has voiced support for ending marijuana prohibition and treating it like alcohol; then we also have people like [liberal congressman] Barney Frank, who also say we should end marijuana prohibition and treat it like alcohol.”

The Liberty Papers has a good look at the 61% of Colorado voters who support legalization.

Bipartisan support for legalizing marijuana and regulating it like alcohol in Colorado? This is quite encouraging and fascinating (in California, you may recall, there was bipartisan opposition from the blue and red teams).

This isn’t to say there that Amendment 64 will sail through unopposed. There are anti-64 groups mobilizing so those of us who want to see 64 pass cannot be complacent. Also, with about five and a half months until election day, anything can happen.

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