Tom Bridgeland was commenting at my cross post of Why Do Conservatives Misunderstand Libertarians and left a link to his look at the same subject from a more social view point. He looks at it from the viewpoint of cats and dogs. In his view we have two dog parties (and yes I do personally consider them both dogs) and a cat party. Which corresponds to my view of the political scene: Democrats, Christian Democrats, and libertarians.

His post is: Libertarians Fail Because They Don’t Understand Human Nature. Go read the whole thing. I left a couple of comments there (if they have posted) and also at my cross post of “Why Do Conservatives….” if you want to follow my thinking on the matter.

One other point – the dogs need a few cats in each election to win. The problem is that the dogs tend to think that if they have won the cats for an election that they own the cats. Forgetting that cats can’t be owned. Thus they double cross the cats and the cats defect. Cats are only loyal to results. Stupid dogs.

For those interested – the post of “Why Do Conservatives….” at Classical Values can be found here.