Nixon Redux

When your own party turns on you it means you are in BIG trouble.

My Internet Service Is Like Windows

It has to be reset/rebooted frequently to make it work reasonably. Are you having similar problems? Mine began about 4 or 5 weeks ago. I have been in communication with Comcast frequently about the problem. Two truck rolls later (plus one they did on their own for line/POP server maintenance) and still no resolution. I […]

On Being SWATed

Eric sent me a link to Patterico who is discussing the latest SWATing incident and peripherally his SWATing. Well I had to drop one on him. You may be amused. Or not. == Militarized Police are a threat to liberty. First they came for the dopers… And I applauded. Then they came for Patterico…. And […]

Broken is better!

My Dell Precision 530 was once a great computer costing thousands. Now it’s an old clunker — good mainly for landfill. The funny thing about this machine is that I have watched it deteriorate to the point where I was blaming everything for its increasing slowness. There are a lot of complaints about RAM issues […]

In Honor Of Outlaw Bikers

No one gets out alive. Make your minutes count. I was inspired by rereading my comments here about Olema. Especially the one about “Diamond” and his M1911.

late night minimalism

There are few things I hate more than getting home after 11:00 p.m. dead tired and wanting to relax but without having written a blog post. (Having an 8:00 a.m. commitment does not help either.) Under such circumstances, there are few things I love more than seeing a wonderful post from Sarah at a time […]

I Am A Culturist

Of all the recent corruptions of language and forbidden subjects, those who have read me a while know that the one guaranteed to make me foam at the mouth is confusing culture with race. I think it started, somewhere, in the entire Marxist subculture, where they believe everyone is full of secret thoughts and keeps […]

Remain Calm It Is Time To Panic

A decidedly anti-Jew site has published an article on the coming failure of the Euro. The article is excellent and makes no mention of Jews. But the commenters are under no such restraints. But how did the Jews get in the position they are in today? Let us try to find the man behind the […]

Quick question

Will a Faraday Cage effectively prevent a “Smart Meter” from gathering detailed hourly data about the power consumption of the occupants of a house? Any ideas? I ask because I know a lot of people who are distrustful of smart meter technology and want to protect themselves. If you put copper mesh around your smart […]

Just A Statistic

What I don’t get is why none of the media reports I have seen on Fast and Furious connect it to Drug Prohibition. Such a big forest to only focus on a few trees. How about the 50,000 Mexican dead in the last 5 years? How about the 50,000 Americans? Or is it because BOTH […]

China Bled White

According to this report China is going down hard. The Chinese economy is in the final stages of largest Ponzi scheme ever devised. Minsky outlined three distinct phases in the credit cycle: In the first phase known as the hedge phase; economic actors borrow money to invest in order to create goods to sell for […]

Damned whether or not if I do, and damned whether or not if I don’t!

I’m puzzled by the first sentence in this news report: SEATTLE (CBS Seattle) — Believing if you are on a “highway to hell” could impact whether or not if you commit a crime. Putting aside the highway to hell issue, what does “whether or not if” mean? We need to define our terms. Reading the […]

Grant And The Jews

When Grant Expelled the Jews by Jonathan Sarna from Tablet Magazine on Vimeo. The author is a bit florid in his retelling of the story but it is an interesting one. It may also explain why Jews were Republicans until the advent of Father Coughlin and FDR. Forward a Jewish Socialist Magazine makes a good […]

The Entitled Elect Themselves

Money quote: “when the entitled elect themselves, the party accelerates, and the brutal hangover is inevitable”. H/T Zero Hedge


Eric was discussing the latest pander to gays by the President. I made a prediction in the comments but I want to front page it so I can eat crow (tasty dish if you are in to that sort of thing) if I’m wrong and gloat if I’m right. === I expect a pander to […]

So predictable that it seems intentional

It is very predictable that if you give radical gay activists (some of whom are self indulgent and self absorbed) an opportunity to pose  in front of portraits of demonized presidents, they will gladly oblige. The result is this: Nothing surprising about it in the least. They hate Ronald Reagan with a passion: Strauss, who […]

Commerce Claws And The Air We Breathe

Soon the Supreme court will decide if ObamaCare is valid law based on the Commerce Clause of the Constitution. A lot of Commerce Clause jurisprudence turns on the Wickard vs Filburn decision which said that a man growing grain for his own consumption affects interstate commerce and thus can be regulated. But this could lead […]

“the type of dog you have can also elicit harsh judgment”

Via Glenn Reynolds, I learned that “a new study reveals that what type of dog you have can say a lot about your personality.” Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse than people judging you by your shoes, another study finds that the type of dog you have can also elicit harsh judgment. Thanks […]

Motes And Beams

Some on the right are up in arms about the 300 or so Mexicans killed by Fast and Furious. I guess they have forgotten the 50,000 Mexicans killed in the last 5 years by supporters of Drug Prohibition. Roughly 150 times as many dead. If Fast and Furious is a horrible crime what is support […]

Are Taxes Too High?

And if they are what are they smoking? Wait. I’m getting my topics confused. I blame old age. Let me go back to the beginning. And God said, “Let there be light”. Nope. Not that beginning. Just wait. I’ll get unconfused in a moment. OK. I’m having a discussion at The Economist about tax revenue […]