Look who is laughing last.

An email sent to me by linearthinker who sent it to a liberal friend. Mr. Thinker also suggested this Clarice Feldman piece on the subject.

Update: 30 June 2012 0719z

The RNC takes a couple of whacks at the pinata

Maybe that explains why Justice Roberts is laughing. Which will give us something to watch out for in the coming election season. Democrats running away HARD from the party label and their vote for the ObamaCare TAX. Here is a list of some of the new taxes: Obamacare: Seven New Taxes on Citizens Earning Less than $250,000. That list is going to hurt ∅. Pass it on. Let us make the 2010 election (the biggest loss for Democrats since 1938) look like a love in for the Democrats. Then we hold then Republican’s feet to the fire. Shrink government – or else get TEAed when we get teed.