If you thought banning peanuts in schools was bad (or lunches brought from home) get a load of this. Teachers sat and watched young girls become severely sunburned because the school (like most schools) bans suntan oil. Under the same philosophy behind the peanut ban some infinitesimal percentage of people are allergic to suntan  oil, so no one can use it. Teachers are powerless, but for reasons I cannot understand, they are allowed to use suntan old themselves unlike peanuts. And of course the only language anyone listens to is litigation:

Michener posted the images of the badly burned girls on her blog, Life Photographed, and they quickly caught the attention of the world. The story was covered by news sites ranging from the British Daily Mail to CBS News, but Michener says, “This isn’t a story about us. I want this to be a part of the bigger picture and spark a grass roots movement to change these laws.”

Michener’s daughter, Violet, 11, and Zoe, 9, have fair skin but their mother didn’t apply sunscreen on the morning of the field day because it was raining. She figured the activities would be held inside. But the weather cleared and Violet and Zoe spent five hours in direct sun.

“Teachers remarked that my daughters looked like they were burning but nobody did anything about it,” Michener told SFGate.

Because of the law nobody could have done anything about it. “The girls say they were forced to watch one teacher put on her own sunscreen and then explain to the burning students that it was ‘just for her’ when they begged her for some,” according to the Daily Mail.

What’s more, the school doesn’t allow children to wear hats.

The girls burns were so serious that Michener brought them to the doctor…

Unbelievable. Which is the norm for what goes on in schools.

This is another one of those “why I’m glad I don’t have kids” posts.

As the banning of hats, I can understand not allowing hats indoors, but outdoors? What’s up with that?