You remember this Denver Post story about how med pot states have lower accident rates don’t you? Let me refresh your memory.

Legalization of medical marijuana, the researchers report, is associated with a 12-percent drop in the alcohol-related fatal-crash rate and a 19-percent decrease in the fatality rate of people in their 20s, according to the study.

The study also found that medical- marijuana legalization is associated with a drop in beer sales.

“The result that comes through again and again and again is (that) young adults . . . drink less when marijuana is legalized and traffic fatalities go down,” Rees said.

Well what do you know. I can see how that would lower health care costs. And drug testing is already in place – thank you my conservative friends for supporting that. Now let us see – if testing shows you are not smoking enough the government can tax you. Or if you resist they will throw you in jail. Which will definitely not be smoke free. The guards can use gas masks while on duty – as long as they maintain a sufficiently high level of THC when off duty.

Any power you give to government will eventually be used against you.

Citizens will be required to greet each other by raising a stiff right arm and saying, “High” as they pass each other. Or maybe we could just make it a custom. The President could set the precedent. No point in getting too authoritarian.

Say did I mention, “Any power you give to government will eventually be used against you.” ?