Incredible edible invaders challenge our tastes

Speaking of strait-laced puritans, I hate the way leftists complain about “invasive species.” It reminds me of the DAR type womyn who once judged people not by the content of their character, but by when their ancestors came to America. Then the left turned around and imitatively trumped that by claiming that “native” Americans had […]

Live from Detroit

Yes, as Simon points out, I have been offline, although this morning I found a few seconds to use the Wifi here at the Cobo Center, where I am a delegate to the Michigan Republican Convention. I had barely time to sleep, and I may have more later.  I just watched Michigan Governor Snyder and […]

Eric Is Being Unconventional

I just got a call from Eric and he tells me he is tied up with a bunch of Republicans. At a conventional party. He also reports that there are no funny hats or party games just endless voting. Eric as a “party favor” is running for “Drainage Commissioner”. To hear him tell about the […]

Strait-laced puritans who hate the working class

While it was in the general context of the George Zimmerman case,  Ann Althouse said something about the left that is so true: It’s really astounding how prissy lefties have become over the years. I remember when folk of the left-wing persuasion loved to delve into Freudian analysis. Now, they’re so strait-laced about sex. They […]

Our governor is a child abuser and a robber!

Last night I was asked by a very aggressive activist to sign a petition to recall Michigan Governor Rick Snyder. I said “NO” and she glared at me in disappointment, disbelief and what I would even call shock (or at least feigned shock). I suspect she believed that anyone patronizing that particular bar would be […]

Been there, done that

This country may have gone crazy, but it seems I got needlessly worked up about Andrew Sullivan’s Newsweek cover. Barack Obama may be many things, but he is not the first gay president. I’d say I stand corrected, except I never said he was.

Politics? No way!

To my utter shock, surprise and awe, I just learned from the New York Times that politics just might have been behind President Obama’s sudden turnaround on gay marriage. (Gasp!) And naturally, pundits on both “sides” of this distraction will be analyzing it in terms of whether people support or oppose gay marriage. In my […]

More like the 91st in my case but whatever

This is incredibly, um… “Cute” is the only word I can think of that’s alliterative enough to go with “cool.” 1966 Nineteenth Nervous Breakdown nostalgia is obviously both. Enjoy! (I’m all nerves, and they do break down, have or lose.) MORE: Even if old Stones aren’t your thing, please don’t miss the way bass […]

This country have gone crazy!

Now here’s a hot new conspiracy theory: Washington, DC – The Obama agents, through the DHS and other assorted colluders, are plotting a major ‘Reichstag’ event to generate racial riots and produce the justification for martial law, delaying the November 2012 elections, possibly indefinitely, a DHS whistleblower informed the Canada Free Press on Tuesday. The […]

All work and no play makes Coco a dull bitch

I’ve been playing around with Linux tonight and I just installed Ubuntu 12.04 LTS on a soon-to-be retired Pentium D computer which cannot be upgraded. It works dazzlingly well, and this is all so much faster than Windows that it breathes new life into a computer that was getting ready for recycling or landfill (or […]

Hey wake up!

The reason Coco looks that way is because Sarah links an article which reminded her that online spontaneity can not only have consequences, but the consequences can be permanent. And permanent spontaneity (a complete contradiction) sucks! After all, she is her master’s watchdog. GRIM THOUGHT: What if Facebook — because of the sheer numbers, and because […]

Yet Another Conspiracy Theory

As you all know I’m a big fan of conspiracy theories. I have found a whopper. The Obama administration, including his czars and along with his closets Progressive supporters, are planning a manufactured insurgency against America. He is using the media to his advantage to garner both sympathy and support for his unfinished goals. He […]

No Fear

LITANY AGAINST FEAR I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has […]

I was bullied too! So bully for me!

I am a survivor of bullying! I was bullied beginning as early as when I was two year old, as I have discussed repeatedly. Eventually I learned to kick their asses or “make friends” with them as circumstances warranted (sometimes to the detriment of some of their victims). When you’re a kid (especially the smallest […]

No Banker Left Behind

Funny but true. Sadly. By Ry Cooder. Let me add that the politics of the video is a little far left for my taste. But it is still funny. And it is a catchy tune. Sent to me by my buddy CWPJR.

The Charm School In Joliet

I used to live in Lincoln Park. – The singer of course is Steve Goodman. I used this version because the sound is best.

Romney Takes A Stand

In an effort to attract libertarians and keep the libertarian wing of the party on board Mitt Romney takes a stand on marijuana. “I think medical marijuana should not be legal in this country. I believe it’s a gateway drug to other drug violations. The use of illegal drugs in this country is leading to […]

Could Ron Paul Win The Republican Nomination?

The beginning of the video – posted in February – explains how it could happen. Now here is some more recent news. Ron Paul Could Still Win Enough Delegates To Deny Mitt Romney The Republican Nomination. Despite what you may have heard from the mainstream media, Mitt Romney does not have the Republican nomination locked […]


By which I don’t mean this is a blog devoted to Kate Paulk’s book.  Sorry, guys.  When it’s cued to come out, I shall let her excerpt, okay?  Good, now moving on. One of the things that my blog yesterday touched on was the concept of “Consensus reality.”  You guys seemed to know exactly what […]

Does Obama Have A Plan For Victory?

Eric has been looking at the Gay Marriage Distraction which has prompted me to repost a comment I just posted in several places (modified). I’m posting it here for the edification of you all. Esp my Republican friends: With BO’s making gay marriage an issue, what if BO/the Dems go anti-Drug Prohibition at the last […]