I have never believed that Barack Obama was born in Kenya, and have written countless posts to that effect.

But what I find even more unbelievable than the unsubstantiated assertion that Obama was born in Kenya is that the same assertion appears either to have been made by Barack Obama himself or at least endorsed by him.

Did Obama submit his own bio? If so, what did it say? How in the in the world does someone mistakenly assume an American citizen was born in Africa? This may well be a “fact checking error,” but it’s an awfully bizarre one with an origin that deserves an explanation. Moreover, did Obama ever see the 16 year-long error and request it be fixed? Was he ever asked to proof the bio?

Talk about surreal!

Clearly, the publisher thought that Obama being born in Kenya would boost book sales.  The only question in my mind is whether he went along with a publisher’s lie or deliberately lied to his publisher. Either way, it strikes me as unpresidential conduct. Maybe not worthy of impeachment, but certainly relevant in an era when people routinely are sent to prison for lying about much more silly things than where they were born.

After all, there is an election coming up.