Happy Lenin’s Birthday Earth Day!

In celebration of a dishonest and manipulative occasion for a “day,”  here’s the “If I Wanted America to Fail” video. I agree with Roger L. Simon that it deserves to go viral. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CZ-4gnNz0vc&feature=player_embedded Aren’t environmentalists lovely?

All the culture that’s fit to devour, bite by bite!

This morning I read that a woman was arrested in San Francisco for biting another woman in a dispute over a parking place: San Francisco police arrested Sara Gillan, accusing her of biting another woman over a parking spot around 6 p.m. Tuesday on Jennings Street in The Bayview. Police said the fight began when […]

In The Zone

I’m hanging over at Wagist and it looks like some commenters have found some critical evidence that discredits DDs phone call times in the Trayvon Martin case. stobberdobber Guess what I just noticed?? The phone logs state that “The date and time for all call correspond to Pacific Time (PSD/PDT). !!!!!!! more back and forth […]

How To Get Girls

Be a cowboy. Be a retired police officer. Go to an NRA Convention. Be a legalizer.

Crumped Up Charges

The Conservative Treehouse takes a very long look at the media strategy of the Martin lawyers, Crump and Co. I’m going to repeat again. It is a long story. Convoluted. But it explains a LOT about the Martin case and why it is falling apart. Here is what Treehouse says: The constructed and manipulated evidence […]

Here We Go Again

Jesse Jackson is claiming that Trayvon Martin’s death was caused by racial profiling. By his former school. If the suspensions were as I posited in this post he is going to be sorry. I hope the defense can subpoena Tray’s school records and presents them in evidence. I believe they would be quite a revelation.

Tale of Wo

This is sad. San Francisco’s legendary Sam Wo restaurant (which I’ve written about before and which was home to the “world’s rudest, worst, most insulting waiter” — the famed Edsel Ford Fong) is closing. It’s 106 years old and the main reason it is being closed is because it would cost too much to bring it up […]

Case Over?

The case appears to be falling apart. The sooner the better. The question now is will it peter out like Duke Lacrosse or will we have cities burning al la Rodney King? Time will tell. I do not believe burning cities are in Obama’s interest. But it may now be out of his and Al […]

Older Folk Will Be Using More Pot

Drug use and prevalence is increasing among the older cohort. This study is from England but from graphs I have seen the same thing is happening in the US. Senior author of the study Prof. Robert Stewart, from King’s College London, comments that “the key message of this paper confirms something which has been long-suspected […]

Fool us twice?

While I’ve got better stuff to do with my life than call giant unaccountable corporations and get lost in their user-unfriendly maze of rerecorded promptings and customer “service” voice mail dead-ends  asking me to leave messages, I was so annoyed by the post Glenn Reynolds linked earlier that it’s what I wasted at least a […]

George Zimmerman Is Granted Bail

I have off and on been watching George Zimmerman’s bail hearing this morning. I only caught the very tail of the last part, but Zimmerman has been granted bail. I just found out the amount was $150,000 with the condition of an ankle bracelet monitor. Because of the danger George is in he will be […]

Some Movement

There has been some movement in the public case against George Zimmerman. Crump (the lawyer for the Martin family) admits Trayvon may have thrown the first punch. Crump said it was not clear that Martin threw the first punch but, argued that even if he did, Zimmerman’s actions launched the entire sequence of events. “Trayvon […]

Apache – The Ventures

In keeping with Eric’s Dick Clark Memorial theme.

R.I.P. Dick Clark

I’m so sorry to see that Dick Clark died. The man was a giant as well as a family friend. I grew up in Philadelphia and I was thrilled to meet him when I was a kid and he was doing the American Bandstand thing. Some of my fondest memories are from when I was […]

Social engineering begets social engineering

As regular readers know, I don’t like the war on drugs, and I don’t like the welfare system. Both seem intractably embedded in our national psyche, though, and getting rid of either is politically impossible. All attempts at reform are, it seems, doomed to perpetual failure. What worries me is the way dislike of the […]

Dog Meat

Ace is having a contest. Here is an entry: Setters are Red, Tick hounds are blue, The poodle looks great, I think I’ll have two! And Ulsterman has a very funny video in the same vein.

He Calls Them Savages

I believe the savages he is referring to are these people. H/T Moonbattery

Loving The UN

For all those Conservatives who love the UN [/sarc], the UN has a large Drug Prohibition Division. They have a plan to suit every political persuasion.

Sex Or Drugs

The Secret Service sex scandal has drowned out one of the most important parts of the recent Summit of the Americas. A call for Drug Legalization. The Summit of the Americas, normally a subdued tri-annual gathering of regional leaders, could be more interesting than usual this year, as right-wing governments are set to clash with […]

When I was a kid, real men didn’t shoot people’s family dog

Regular commenter Frank just emailed me about the latest in what has become all too standard police practice in America. Shooting the family dog. On Saturday afternoon, a passerby called 911 around 4:30 to report a domestic disturbance. What the responding officer, APD Officer Thomas Griffin, didn’t know when he arrived minutes later is that the 911 caller mistakenly gave […]