The Conservative Tree House is looking into how Julison Communications orchestrated the rise of the Trayvon Martin case to national prominence.

Ryan Julison (pictured here) was hired by Trayvon family attorney’s Natalie Jackson and Benjamin Crump to create the initial image of “Trayvon Martin” and consequently “George Zimmerman”.From the outset the media hook, created by Julison, was baited with innuendo of racist intent. Simply, it made for a more appetizing media story. Once the media took the bait and ran with the completely racist shooting narrative, Julison did nothing to correct the falsehood.

Ryan Julison specifically and intentionally used this narrative to launch a media image campaign to benefit his clients Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton. Professional spin, combined with the professional obfuscation and ommitance of facts.

Ah. But there is more. From the comments:

His Facebook page also represents he is involved with Black farmers settlement (Breitbart-Pigford?) which would lend to some reasonable speculation that Julison’s “involvement” is also coordinated with assistance of the WH “optics” team.

You need to read the whole thing and follow the links to get up to speed.

In light of all that the author of the piece is asking for help.

We need to chase down the angle of Pigford networking to his *cough* “PR” firm and find the network. It’s gonna be another deeply riddled group of associations. If Julison is connected to the fraud we know Pigford to be then that explains the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) immediate involvement, with Sharpton, Jackson, Jealous etc etc….

If you look back on the Trayvon updates I mentioned a couple of times how similar the Trayvon framing was to the Pigford scam(s).

People wanted to know what they could do to help? Well, here’s an opportunity. All readers start researching the network(s) and find the connections between Pigford, the CBC, and the Ryan Julison media consulting/imaging firm.

Where is this going to lead…. ? Much discovery is yet to be found. Drop any leads here and we’ll begin assembling the angles, and connecting the dots.

And for those lawyers among us I thought this comment from some one claiming to be a lawyer was interesting.

For now, you should note that Mr. Julison’s primary business and focus is NOT crisis management, it is working with attorneys to get publicity for their cases. (I said in the attached file why attorneys would want to use a PR firm, the FINANCIAL BENEFITS being the ONLY motive for attorneys wanting publicity.)

In the litigation I expect Zimmerman to file against NBC, MSNBC, Sharpton, and The Scheme Team I will be most curious about the communications between The Scheme Team and Julison’s business.

And Mr. Julison advertises his connections to The Today Show. In the scandal where NBC is shown to have doctored 911 audio tape to support The Scheme Team’s “Zimmerman is a racist” narrative, I expect the civil litigation attorneys to depose NBC employees, Crump, the other lawyers, the Martin family, and Mr. Julison.

I am now really curious who said what to whom, if anything, about doctoring the 911 audio, and getting the 911 audio played to millions of viewers. After all, an audio department employee, or the producer would NOT be able to get this kind of stuff on the air without round tabling it with quite a few people, especially since the allegation was so explosive …

If we can bust these guys wide open in the next few months it should have a tremendous impact on the election. Not necessarily in Obama’s favor. Get crackin.

And like a gift that keeps on giving, Jeralym Merritt of Talk Left noted this comment by the Martin’s lawyer, Benjamin Crump.

“The lying has begun,” Mr. Crump told CNN.

And opined:

That is completely unacceptable. Lawyers should not opine on the “character, credibility, reputation or criminal record of any party or witness.” (see below) Prediction: Some lawyer somewhere will file a grievance petition against him before this case is over.

If we all pitch in (one way or another) I believe we can defeat Obama while providing ourselves with entertainment for years to come. Let me repeat. Get crackin.