Whether it’s setting fire to forests and meadows, poisoning fish, shooting owls, killing sea lions, or (from the latest news)  shooting cormorants, today’s environmentalists love nothing more than laying waste to the land. In the name of “the Environment” they apply policies that are about as merciful and compassionate as the Khmer Rouge.

It isn’t about the Environment, though. That’s a huge con, and I can’t believe so many people are so gullible as to buy into it.

All this naturecide translates into jobs. For environmentalists, natch. The killing of flora and fauna will fuel demand, either for more killing when it comes back, or “restoration” (often by killing other, previously mismanaged organisms) if it turns out the previous killing wasn’t such a great idea after all. In a perverse cycle of reproduction, environmentalists love nothing more than throwing out previous half-baked theories and replacing them with new half-baked theories which will in turn have to be revised and/or discarded.

Think about the basic unstated principle involved (which is economic and not environmental). If nature needs to be micromanaged by man, then who gets to do the actual work of micromanagement? Who do you think? Colleges crank out wannabe environmentalists by the thousands, and they not only want jobs, they want to create more jobs so their friends can have them too. It’s a growth industry.

After all, the new world requires a new ruling class.

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