Might Barack Obama want Obamacare tossed out by the Supremes?

My paranoid side was wondering earlier about the rank incompetence displayed by Obamacare’s official defender Donald Virelli. There is a remarkable consensus onĀ both sides that he is doing an amazingly poor job, so I naturally have been wondering what’s up with that?

I found a clue to what may be up in Robert Shrum’s latest column, snarkily titled “Will a Tea Party Supreme Court guarantee Obama a second term?

Apparently the lefties are hoping it will. If the Obama administration is thinking along the same lines, little wonder that they’ve set up Virelli to be theirĀ Marcia Clark.

And if we look at the big picture, Obamacare is not popular with the public, so this way, Barack Obama does not have to be the villainous enforcer of an unpopular plan to socialize healthcare, but the victim of the Tea Party Republicans who thwarted his best efforts to do what was best for the country and the economy. We will all suffer, and it won’t be his fault!

I could almost write the narrative for the bastards.