Liberal site The Wagist has the very best update (at this point in time – but that is redundant) on the Trayvon Martin case. It is not looking good for Trayvon. Or the race hustlers. The narrative is crumbling.

I’m thinking Duke Lacrosse. Tawana Brawley. Crown Heights. Freddie’s.

What excites me about this case is that the hustle only lasted for a little over a month. There are two reasons in my opinion. An honest justice system in that area of Florida and the internet. Before we could “fact check your ass” in real time these kinds of hustles had better staying power.

And what also do we learn: that liberals can honestly confront liberals who have left reason totally behind. The “Durham in Wonderland” blog was a similar lesson. Honest liberals are not bad people. I feel the same about honest conservatives. I do know a conservative who is a Drug War supporter who has privately told me it is probably unconstitutional. In public he says nothing. I don’t care much for those kinds of cowards.

Though the heavens fall the truth must be told. The Wagist site is a very good example of that. I hope that when “my side” is on the line I can live up to my reputation.