I’m following the Trayvon Martin case and one thing strikes me as odd. After the beer summit fiasco you would think the Obama administration would gather a little background about a case before jumping in with both feet. Said feet winding up in his anterior and posterior further straining the situation not to mention his personal position.

So the deal is: the President commits and then a whole bunch of stuff starts coming out to discredit his position. “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon,” Obama said. Uh. Oh. There goes the clean cut image.

And note. All this stuff was out there from the beginning (around 27 Feb.) and yet I didn’t see much of it until the President committed. Crowd sourcing? Or something more orchestrated?

I fall back on the typical excuse of the lame. The timing was odd. And more interesting: some one is keeping the information from the President or feeding him doctored stories. Or the Obama Faction is desperate. Or all the above. Or none.