Unfortunately, I’m still sick of the Culture War.

Fortunately, others are too. In explaining why,Radley Balko hits the nail on the head:

The primary reason the culture wars keep raging on is that neither side really wants them to end. Neither side is content with merely winning the freedom to do its own thing. Real winning is all about the joy of getting the power to force your opponents to do things they find objectionable.

I dislike forcing anyone to do anything, but there’s a side of me that would love to be able to “force” my opponents to leave me alone, especially when they have made it clear that they will not.

Is that objectionable?

I ask only because I would hope that force would not be necessary. Leaving people alone should be a given.

So what gives?

MORE: What I used to call “the Culture War” has been compounded by pluralization. I suspect the idea is to render “it” hopelessly permanent.

A war on war is one thing, but I would hate to wage a war on wars.