The anti-bully bullies?

As a believer in the First Amendment, I’m very suspicious of the anti-bullying movement, and I have criticized it repeatedly. There are already plenty of laws covering physical violence, but I think the old expression “sticks and stones” still holds true. Plus, it is good life advice. What worries me about anti-bullying campaigns is that they […]

Right’s Rights

I am seriously sick an tired of the Right’s going on and on about the “invention of rights”. The trouble is – and the Founders knew it – that Rights are nearly unlimited. That would be the aleph zero set. Rights that others do not have to directly pay for. As opposed to newly invented […]

Almost the End of the World

*crossposted from According To Hoyt* Lately regular readers of my blogging must be wondering “What’s with the politics?  Isn’t this a writer’s blog?”  And of course, those of you who have come for my for lack of a better word “social analysis” must wonder what the heck is with all the posts about characters, writing […]

Unshackling Obama from Obamacare — against his will!

Might Barack Obama want Obamacare tossed out by the Supremes? My paranoid side was wondering earlier about the rank incompetence displayed by Obamacare’s official defender Donald Virelli. There is a remarkable consensus on both sides that he is doing an amazingly poor job, so I naturally have been wondering what’s up with that? I found a […]

He Is Not One Of Us

It is official now. George Zimmerman (the shooter in the Trayvon Martin case) is officially white. Hispanics have disowned him. …if George Zimmerman was hoping to find support in the Latino community, he should look elsewhere. “The Latino community joins the African-American community and other communities in condemning George Zimmerman as what he is – […]

Health Care Riots?

The latest Ulsterman/White House Insider is up. And besides health care riots, it includes race riots. And those aren’t difficult to see coming. Predicted 6 months ago.

Circles In Thinking

*Crossposted from According to Hoyt* Something has been working at me since my post against using stupid slogans instead of thinking (when reality is almost if not actually the opposite – and no, I’m not going to reprise that.  I made all the arguments I wanted to make in that post.  And everyone got a […]

“We make mistakes just like everybody else”

Life is full of deadly risks, but most of us don’t think that sitting at your table and eating toast at home is one of them. Tell that to Fred Skinner: Fred Skinner was eating a piece of toast when police from three different agencies burst through his front door with guns drawn, put the […]

I like dogs more than kids

Years ago I had dinner with a family of six. The family consisted of a husband, a wife, and four kids. At the time I was visiting my folks in Philadelphia, but had been living in Berkeley for years and I had seen so many “dysfunctional” families and ill-behaved brats that I assumed dysfunctionality was […]

The Case To Date

Liberal site The Wagist has the very best update (at this point in time – but that is redundant) on the Trayvon Martin case. It is not looking good for Trayvon. Or the race hustlers. The narrative is crumbling. I’m thinking Duke Lacrosse. Tawana Brawley. Crown Heights. Freddie’s. What excites me about this case is […]

Racial Profiling

Even civil rights leaders profile. “There is nothing more painful for me at this stage in my life,” Jesse Jackson said several years ago, “than to walk down the street and hear footsteps and start thinking about robbery—and then look around and see somebody white and feel relieved.” Jackson now says his quotation was “taken […]

Being Human

*It occurred to me belatedly there might be interest in this topic here.  I’ve been getting into mischief over at my blog, and seem to have accidentally uncorked something called The Human Wave which is threatening to become a — gasp — literary movement.  For the background, if interested, read here and page forward.  Other […]

For the umpteenth time, feral children are not innocent!

It’s an old topic here: What worries me about feral children (not a new topic here) is society’s refusal to recognize their existence and deal with them honestly. This denial often takes the form of a bizarre belief that being of a certain age conveys “innocence,” even though anyone with an ounce of common sense […]

Sumpin Funny Going On

I’m following the Trayvon Martin case and one thing strikes me as odd. After the beer summit fiasco you would think the Obama administration would gather a little background about a case before jumping in with both feet. Said feet winding up in his anterior and posterior further straining the situation not to mention his […]

A New Image

From: Wagist Similar Images

No Fear

A bunch of engineers were discussing politics. The opening line in a joke? No. A Fact. And as part of that fact I had an epiphany. About something I have known for a long time. But never put as well in words: The key to shutting off reasoning is to raise fears. Lots of fears. […]

I read Paul Krugman and I feel threatened!

I don’t normally read Paul Krugman, although every once in a while I check out his column to see what sort of brilliant insights I am missing. This morning was just such an occasion. The following uh, “legal analysis” (misstating Florida law, then blaming big corporations for it) served as a reminder of why I […]

One God

I believe the Lord said, “Set up a government and use it to beat the unworthy into submission”. He must have said that. Otherwise how do you explain modern American Christianity? Of course the Left is no better. They have a different God but act the same. Probably an error in translation. I’d like to […]

Do I have to use force?

Unfortunately, I’m still sick of the Culture War. Fortunately, others are too. In explaining why,Radley Balko hits the nail on the head: The primary reason the culture wars keep raging on is that neither side really wants them to end. Neither side is content with merely winning the freedom to do its own thing. Real […]

Writing Off The Middle East

With the new technologies developed for oil and natural gas recovery the oil and gas market is changing. Poland may become a player in the natural gas market. Poland! Israel has discovered huge reserves of gas. And oil. Israel! What does all this mean? Well the Middle East is going to become a lot less […]