As I don’t have anything to say that I haven’t said before about the R race (and anything I say might make things worse), I thought I would review a product I consider excellent.

A few weeks ago, Glenn Reynolds noted that Amazon was offering “bestsellers in running shoes.” That got my attention, because I have a serious running shoe problem. I have Hallux rigidus in my right foot, and the condition has worsened over the years, and my right foot has become one painful size larger than my left. I run three miles every other day, and sometimes it is just murder, because I favor my painful right foot while running, meaning I run with a bit of a limp. This leads to lower back pain, which sucks because no one wants to hear about it. Hell, I don’t want to hear about it. I hate people who whine and complain about lower back pain. Doctors hate them too.

The worst part is trying to fund running shoes that don’t hurt. Last year I wasted a couple of days going to stores and learning that my size (8 toi 9) is “hard to find” because both men and boys buy them. (Doh! So, why not make more, if they’re more in demand? Are these places not in business?) After a frustrating search I finally found a questionable pair of Nike running shoes sort of in my size which have never really worked out, as they’re poorly designed and seem flat. The left one is too big and unstable, and I had to lace the right one one eyelet up so it doesn’t hurt as much. Trust me, this makes for some very frustrating running. I have come to dread it every day, and at 57 I am not getting any younger, am I?

So when I saw Glenn’s Amazon bestsellers in men’s running shoes link, I figured, what’s to lose? Frankly, I wish I had thought of this before, because the reason I can’t buy running shoes in stores is that they never seem to have my size, but online… well, it’s simple math. You just find your size and click it — something you absolutely cannot do in a store.

I clicked the link, not knowing what I would find, and I was very pleased to see that Amazon ranks bestselling running shoes in order of popularity. I couldn’t care less about brand names, and I certainly have no loyalty to Nike (in fact I hate them for hurting my feet!), so I just figured I’d try my luck with this Amazon best seller: “ASICS,” a brand I had never heard of before.

Rather than get a nine and have one too big I decided I would compromise and  get an 8 1/2 if I could find them in triple width, which, amazingly, was no problem. I’ve never bought running shoes this way, as I have been conditioned to think you should always try shoes on first, but I thought “Hell I can always return them!” Today I finally tried them out, and I felt like a new man. All of a sudden my feet had support. They didn’t hurt or bind, the left one was not loose, and I was treated to a faster and more enjoyable run than I can remember having in years. No wonder the brand is a best seller. And hours later, here I am, with no back pain!

I never, ever, could have found these in this size in any local store.

I would rate the shoes and my experience Five Stars!

UPDATE: Thank you, Glenn Reynolds for the link, and a warm welcome to all.

I should add that these running shoes continue to perform flawlessly; I ran again with them today, and I understand why they’re an Amazon bestseller.

While I can’t deny that there are good running shoe stores, in my experience, they often don’t have my size(s), and they tend to be staffed by people who mean well, but are limited by stock they have on hand. If like me you need an oddball size, I highly recommend using Amazon.

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