Willis Eschenbach has a beautiful post up about the death of a crazy man. A man of the streets who lived life on his own terms. You should read the whole thing. Let me start you off with his opening.

I’ve had the privilege of living in a wide variety of countries and societies. And having not always been entirely sane myself, one way that I judge societies is by how they handle their crazy folks. “Back in the day”, as they say, I lived in a town called Olema, and I was loosely associated with a group of people called the “Diggers“. The Diggers had a communal ranch up the hill from my place, Peter Coyote lived up there. It was a lovely secluded old place, with a constantly changing cast of outrageous characters living and passing through the ranch. Among them was one of the crazy folks, I’ll call him Billy because that wasn’t his name.

And there in lies a tale of my own. I was a Digger at the time and spent a few weeks at the Olema Ranch. I was there for the Chief Rolling Thunder exorcism of one of our group who in hind sight seemed lost to schizophrenia.

How do you give a person who has only limited contact with this universe care without robbing them of their dignity? That is a very difficult one. Very difficult. It will require a considerable adjustment on our part. And some on theirs. Because if we ask nothing we are not treating them as equals.


And Willis. If you should read this:

I was more involved with the Briceland Branch of the Diggers. Samurai Bob and I were tight. And of course me and Grizzle. I heard a year or two back that Bob is gone. I hope his spirit is where it needs to be. And who could forget Peter Coyote. I also spent a few weeks at Black Bear. Contact me if you like.

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