Via Glenn’s link I was reminded of an unfortunate tendency:

It is the human condition that the oldest generation despairs of the youngest.

I was thinking along such lines for much of the day after watching Barack Obama’s speech in its entirety.

I’ll spare the (misleading) details of how billionaires like Warren Buffet pay less in taxes than their secretaries. Instead, check out the climax, followed by the glad-handing:

Yet these kids are not all that bad. They are young and thoughtful, full of hope about the future, and not wanting to screw up. They should not be dismissed as “brainwashed.” When I was their age (groan) I was “worse” (if that is the right word) than most of the kids today. I was a Marxist Leninist pain in the ass, and while I wasn’t brainwashed I was full of emotion — so full that I was unable to be objective in the adult sense. It took me quite a while to figure out things for myself. (And even now I still have trouble figuring things out for myself.)

It took me years to realize that I was a libertarian at heart, so I am in no position to be dismissive, or despairing.

Especially because many of these kids I would dismiss are more libertarian than I was at their age.

It is often tempting to think that young people are lacking in perspective.

Especially when you lack their perspective.